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2014 Car Truck AUTO audio mp3 audio WMA USB SD CARD AUX-IN RADIO Receiver Player
US $17.57
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Coby 4 GB Flash MP3 Player with FM and Color Display (Black)

Coby MP600-4G MP3 Player with 4G Flash Memory with FM and Color Display, 1.44-inch Video LCD display, supports MP3, WMA, MTV, JPEG, TXT, black

  • 1.44-Inch CSTN LCD display
  • 4GB Flash Memory
  • music; MP3, WMA, video; MTV, photos; JPG, and text
  • Integrated FM radio
  • audio play time 10hr

Rating: (out of 41 reviews)

List Price: $ 39.99
Price: $ 24.00

Coby 4 GB Flash MP3 Player with FM and Color Display (Black) Reviews

Review by P. Epps:

Admittedly, I purchased this product largely based upon the price and the good reviews mentioned here. Since I was purchasing this as a replacement for my Autistic son, my basic requirements and expectations for an mp3 player were minimal. An effective player without all kinds of technological bells and whistles would suit me fine. After opening the package, however, I immediately reassessed my “minimalist” viewpoint. The first thing I noticed was the player’s cheap, flimsy encasing; which is some sort of cut-rate, thin plastic. That was my first disappointment. The second thing I noticed was the fact that the manufacturers appeared to have taken my minimalist theory a bit too literally because the entire unit consists of a display area and two buttons: a Menu Button and a Control Button. That’s it. My second disappointment. Still, in an attempt to not be ultra finicky, I read the rather ineffectual instruction manual, hooked it up to my PC, charged the battery and, after a while, went about the process of transferring music files into it using Windows Media Player. Although the synchronization of the music files was slower than my other mp3 player (Sansa), it did go smoothly because it was easily recognized by both my PC and the media player. That was a nice plus.

Now that the unit is fully charged and loaded with 1,500+ music files, the time has come for me to turn it on and give it a whirl. I insert the ear buds that came with the music player into my ears. They feel weird; overly large and slanted at a strange angle. My third disappointment. Time to turn the player on already. Press…press…confused pressing. Eye-roll! The technology is extremely slow and rudimentary, and looks like something I would find on a 1996 CD player. Sigh. My fourth and biggest disappointment. Yet, I persevere on. OK, I got it. It’s playing, but the sound is very, very low. I examine the player looking for the volume control button. No button. I search through the manual looking for answers to my volume dilemma. Nothing. Time to dig into the player itself to see if the volume can be controlled with either of the two buttons. After a series of frustrated presses and slow displays, I find an area in the system that allows me to alter the volume output, but the only selections are “Jazz, Pop, bass, etc.” I stare at the display in utter disbelief. I haven’t seen such options in years! This has got to be a joke. Am I being punked? My fifth disappointment. Before I begin to panic, though, I take my expensive Bose headphones and plug them into the unit with the hope that the ear buds that were enclosed with the player were of poor quality. No such luck; the same faint tinny sounds ring through. Huge sigh. The sixth disappointment. Disgustedly, I sit there looking at my purchase as the truth finally sinks in. I just bought a cheap, crappy mp3 player that is using Sega technology in a Wii world. I feel like such a doofus.


- Looks cheap

- Feels cheap

- Extremely antiquated technology

- Slow start up and display

- Does not signal to the user that the battery is fully charged

- Confusing controls and display

- Ridiculous volume settings

- Very low volume

- Uncomfortable headphones


- Low price

- Ease of file synchronization

In summary, unless you have taken out your disco ball and are in need of a music player to complete your ensemble, skip this one.

Review by Allan Brown Sr.:

The ear plugs included with the player are too hard and not easily inserted into the ear. I bought the CVE92 Isolation Ear Plugs (White) and they are very good. Manual does not offer a whole lot of advice. Computer literates will be able to find out how to rip and synch up with Windows Media Player. One main gripe! The player does not play the music that is added in the order it is ripped and synched; all music files are arranged alphabetically within the album name on the player. Bummer when listening to soundtracks, etc. Would have upgraded to a better model that loads files in the order ripped. However, for the money, this is a good player.

Review by Donald R. Poling:

I’ve used the MP3 player for radio, audio books, and music; downloading from CD’s or online to computer on both mac and PC, but keeping to windows media. Tried ipod material just to see if it would work, which it didn’t, so I successfully erased the material using my mac. My motorola V190 charger works to recharge the MP3 player which is a plus. I use my own earphones as I’m not comfortable with ear buds as a general rule. The free downloads were welcome, though I did cancel the subscription before it went to automatic billing. Most of my songs are from CD’s and my audiobooks are from public domain where I’ve become reacquainted with Mark Twain whose books are free online. The free music downloads allowed me to find old, old songs from the 1940’s which I remember from early childhood. I put the free audiobook download on my wife’s MP3 player because she likes Evanovich mysteries & they were on the list.

Review by Diskord:

I wanted an inexpensive MP3 player to use as a music/radio source in my garage. I have it plugged into an older 2.1 Yamaha set of speakers, and it sounds great. Radio reception is far above what I expected. Sound quality overall is quite good. The ear buds that came with it, don’t fit my ears, but then again many do not. Nor did I purchase it to use it with ear buds

I would have preferred that while viewing the artist list it would display songs in album/track order, rather than strictly alpha by song. Menu response is a little on the slow side, you have to really mean it when you select a given option.

Excellent product given the price.

Buy Coby 4 GB Flash MP3 Player with FM and Color Display (Black) now for only $ 24.00!

8 GB MP4/MP3 Player with FM Radio, Camera, Voice Recorder, USB Portable, and 2.8-inch Touchscreen

PE registered Brand from Pro Ebiz LLC. Please make sure the product you buy has the PE Logo on it.* Please note this is NOT the Apple iTouch, it is Pyrus Electronics signature MP4 player* Upgraded PE earphone, 1000 mA rechargeable battery and much more. *Portable digital entertainment that fits in the palm of your hand!Watch videos, listen to MP3 files, dial in your favorite FM radio station, and take pictures with this 8 GB USB portable MP4 digital media player!It features a 2.8-inch color touchscreen and features a built-in microphone so you never miss an important note or idea!

  • Please make sure the product you buy has the PE Logo on it. e.
  • 2.8-inch color TouchScreen MP4 video player MP3 audio player FM Radio Camera DV Camera
  • 8 GB USB MP4/MP3/FM/Camera with 2.8-inch Touchscreen General Features: Black profile 8 GB memory
  • USB interface Built-in Speaker Function miniSD card slot Headphone in jack
  • You can play AVI, RM, RMVB, FLV, Some WMV and Some MPEG4 videos files WITHOUTH the need for conversion.

Rating: (out of 185 reviews)

Price: $ 51.50

8 GB MP4/MP3 Player with FM Radio, Camera, Voice Recorder, USB Portable, and 2.8-inch Touchscreen Reviews

Review by A. Hauptman:

My husband bought this for me as an early Christmas present. It’s awesome. I’m not very technically savvy, but it was so easy to figure out. The manual is clearly written, which was unespected given the fact that it’s a Chinese Model.

One of the reasons (besides cost) that I wanted a Chinese model insead of an iPod was that I am kind of weird about organizing my music. I have a broad taste in music, so I organize by genre, then by artist and by album after that. As far as I know, an iPod doesn’t allow for that. This model does. I can import the music in the folders as it is organized on my computer. So easy!

I love that it’s expandable by memory cards. The screen has a great picture quality, and I plan to put movies and books on the cards. You can read any book in a text file on it while you’re listening to music…Super Cool!

A few people complained that when they plug it into their computer, it’s reads as two devices. This is because it’s expandable by SD cards. When there is not a card in the player, then the secondary drive noted on the computer is not accessible. When there is a card in the player, you can access the drive to add and delete files as normal. Also, the player has a function to tell you how much space is left on both, which is helpful if you want to fill it with as a many files as possible!

The games are ok. Not great, but ok. You can never go wrong with the classic Tetris, but I might look into adding more games onto it.

One of my complaints is that the stylis they send can’t be attatched to the player anywhere. But it does come with a rubber sleeve for the player, so for now I’ve just slipped the stylis into the sleeve between it and the player.

The screen is not super sensitive, which I suppose is both good and bad.

As far as I’ve been able to tell, there is not a shuffle option. For now, that is my biggest peeve.

Overall, this is a great player for an even better price. I would definitely reccommend it to friends and family!

Review by Aaron Jasper:

I was surprised to see my new media player in the mail a full four days ahead of the scheduled promise date. I love the fact that it is compatable with my ibook. The design of the start up and shutdown needs work (looks as if it done in a rush). The system itself is about 80% user friendly in my opinion, i still can’t figure out how to exit the games section without having to restart the entire unit. Mp3 playback is pretty good once you put in some good headphones(I use a pair of 10 dollar jvc earbuds)and the video doesn’t lag so that’s a plus. The Camera is about the quality of a first generation moto rzr as well as the mini dv recorder. The voice recorder is a nice added bonus if you are a writer or college student (wish I had this in art history).

The body of the unit is pretty hollow and needs to be handled gently (as should all electronics), I suggest getting a protective case for it if you plan to travel with it. All in all, its a pretty cool device and makes for a good economic gift for the holidays.

Review by Genevieve R. Lehmoine:

SO I read all these reviews after I bought this player but before it arrived.

Some of the reviews actually freaked me out and made me worry quite a bit. I forsaw all sorts of problems and feared the worst as I generally have horrible luck.

When the player arrived I was skeptical. It came in a small box that sorta was a rip off of the ipod packaging (this is a replacement for my 80gb ipod classic…altho that was gift).

At first I was aggrivated that the touch screen wasn’t too sensative. After I had messed with it for a little bit I figured out how to use the touch screen and now I like it just fine.

I also was frustrated that when I loaded about 1/3 of my music onto the player through Windows Media Player it took a long time, and the music was just in one big long list, not seperated by artist. I can’t handle that because that is a looong list since I have alot of songs by most of the artists I have.

BUT, I came home and gave it another shot. I just dragged my entire folder of artists and music into the player folder and it showed up just the way I had it organized in my computer.

So I was happy with that…and actually like it better than ipod because I can arrange it nearly any way I want to.

Overall I was scared at first and very satisfied now.

After I gave it a few minutes, got used to the way it worked, and worked out organizing it I am in love with it.

I think most of the reviews people left where they had alot of problems was just a lack of computer/electronics skills. Because anything that sorta sucked was easily fixed with just a little computer skills.

I am therefore giving it five stars for disproving my fears. It came pretty fast, it works as it is supposed to, I personally like it for my particular uses, and because it was freaking cheap. Seriously for what it is, that is an excellent price and I have no complaints.

I almost expected it to suck because it was cheap.

However it is good quality for the extremely low price.

Review by R. Penaranda:

My mp4 player came in my mail exactly on it’s schedule date.

Touchscreen: Works good, and if it doesn’t follow, you can just calibrate it again.

Camera: Works, might be a bit crappy, but if you’re in the light, it works fine.

Music: I can tranfer my music from the computer to my mp4 player easily, and it plays just fine with good quality.

Games: The games are not that fun, but they’re still worth playing. I’m not sure how to exit out of the game though or pause it. I just press the main screen button.

Recorder: A bit crappy too, but if there’s not much noise and just a few people talking, it works good.

Pictures: You can’t zoom into the pictures like you can in an itouch or iphone, you have to go to options and press zoom in or zoom out. I can’t figure out how to delete pictures, or anything in it. If anyone knows how to, please e-mail me at: [....], or if you have any questions about the product, please e-mail, because I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

FM radio: The FM radio works fine, and you can change the channels, too.

The product comes with: A Silver Stylus, A white case, A charger, and a USB cable. I hope this helped you!

Buy 8 GB MP4/MP3 Player with FM Radio, Camera, Voice Recorder, USB Portable, and 2.8-inch Touchscreen now for only $ 51.50!

Coby MP305-2G MP3 Player with 2 GB Flash Memory FM Radio, USB Drive and LCD – Black

Coby MP305-2G MP3 player 2 GB flash memory FM radio and USB drive with LCD, high-contrast LCD display with 7-color backlight, plays MP3 and WMA digital music files, plays digital music from most online stores and subscription services, ID3 tag support for song information display, integrated FM radio, mobile data storage function, convenient integrated USB plug( no cables required), USB 2.0 hi-speed for fast file transfers, black

  • MP3 player 2 GB flash memory FM radio and USB drive with LCD display
  • high-contrast LCD display with 7-color backlight
  • plays MP3 and WMA digital music files, plays digital music from most online stores, ID3 tag support for song information display
  • integrated FM radio, mobile data storage function, convenient integrated USB plug( no cables required)
  • USB 2.0 hi-speed for fast file transfers

Rating: (out of 94 reviews)

List Price: $ 44.99
Price: $ 17.99

Coby MP305-2G MP3 Player with 2 GB Flash Memory FM Radio, USB Drive and LCD – Black Reviews

Review by Mark Albert:

The sound quality is good–excellent if you give extra points for the low price. It was easy and reasonably quick to load MP3 files from my PC to the Coby MP305 once I figured out how to get into the correct USB mode. I am also impressed that this unit includes an excellent FM radio–my 0 iPod doesn’t have a radio

I like everything about this device higher except for the confusing and limiting user interface. You can set up separate folders for each album or artist, but navigating from one album to another or from one artist to another is quirky at best. If you are looking for an excellent value on a shuffle-mode MP3 player, look no further, but if you want to be able to select specific songs, this may not be the model for you.

Review by MagicSkip:

Here’s what I wanted: SMALL and LIGHT, with good capacity, long battery life, inexpensive, and EASY to use (in my way).

I love this thing! It is tiny & weightless. I’ve got 200+ songs on it with room for more. One AAA seems to last forever. It costs less than the other brands. I keep it in shuffle mode, so I just push the button: once for “on”, once for “music”, once for “play”, and I’m rocking!

I don’t use the FM tuner, voice recorder, or use it as a flash drive, so I can’t address those functions. For me – it is great!

The one drawback is that the earbuds that came with it were mediocre. I replaced those, and now I have no complaints!

Review by HKB:

Overall, it is an okay product. It’s not the most user friendly but it plays music and 2GB is a decent amount. For the price (I think I paid ) it’s been worth it. It plays music and has a built in FM tuner.

I wasn’t expecting lightening fast transitions or effortless functioning. There are times that it takes much longer than I think it should to transition. The menu of music is difficult to understand on the player itself. I find that I have to scroll through all the songs to find what I want to listen to. Listening to books has been a challenge – the player will stop randomly, sometimes it skips. Music has not been a problem, perhaps it is the shorter length.

Review by raph:

i like my coby mp305-2g. it is pretty basic, but has some nice features. You can set the screen back-light color from 7 colors. You plug it in your laptop or pc and use explorer to copy and paste your mp3s, folders etc to the unit.

It seems playlists are not supported, but it will play all mp3s in a folder- or all mp3s loaded on the unit.

Not having a playlist feature is something some people might not like.

You can play all mp3s in a folder in order, random, random repeat, all repeat. You can even play all mp3s in every folder in order, random, and random repeat.

A single seasoned AAA rechargeable battery lasts 5-6 hours for me, and new non-rechargeable batteries last a bit longer. I prefer AAA batteries versus built-in batteries since I travel.

The menu is simple to navigate. There is an equalizer with the usual music type presets, you can delete files from the menu.

I don’t use the FM radio, but there is one on the unit.

I usually just load all my songs onto one folder, hit random repeat, put it in my pocket, and let it run- so this player works for me.

I don’t baby it, i throw it in my backpack and around the car. The sound is great, and with ear buds, can make your ears ring. Max volume with large studio headphones is loud but not deafening.

Buy Coby MP305-2G MP3 Player with 2 GB Flash Memory FM Radio, USB Drive and LCD – Black now for only $ 17.99!

SanDisk Sansa Fuze 4 GB Video MP3 Player (Black) Product Description With the SanDisk Sansa Fuze, you can fuse your portable entertainment, featuring 4 GB of storage. Listen, watch, and play all day with 24 hours of battery life and room for up to 1,000 songs**. Watch your favorite video clips on the Sansa Fuze’s 1.9-inch color screen. Measuring just 0.3 inches thin, the Sansa Fuze marks the next wave of music and video players. Your portable music machine with 4 GB of storage. (Click image to view larger.) The MicroSD/SDHC memory card slot means storage possibilities are essentially unlimited. (Click

  • Listen, watch, and play all day with 24 hours of battery life and room for up to 1,000 songs
  • Watch your favorite video clips or share your photos on the 1.9-inch color screen
  • Digital FM radio with 40 preset stations
  • Voice recording with built-in microphone
  • Expand your existing 4 GB memory with the microSD/microSDHC slot

Rating: (out of 447 reviews)

List Price: $ 79.99
Price: $ 56.09

SanDisk Sansa Fuze 4 GB Video MP3 Player (Black) Reviews

Review by Jeff ten Bosch:

This little device is a high quality and very easy to use ‘MP3′ player. Of course it does more than just play music. From a usability perspective, I think it rivals the iPod interface and provides more feedback. While I really love the device, there are some things that I wish were a little better.



- Very nice screen and just big enough that if you were stuck on a plane, watching a movie still is an enjoyable experience.

- Simple and very intuitive interface. I love the fact that the iPod-like wheel actually rotates.

- Expansion via MicroSD cards is a great feature. I was able to swap the MicroSD card between my BlackBerry and the Fuze and be able to share images, and music.

- The FM Radio and ability to record from it is one of the coolest features. There’s something about the randomness about radio that I still really like. And the ability to record a song that I don’t already have can save you some money.

- I haven’t used the external mic yet, but I think that’s a neat feature to have when you have a thought and want to record it. I can think of several times where I’ve had a thought and wasn’t able to write it down.



- The most frustrating experience I’ve had with the Fuze is the ability to get Video transferred. I’ve tried multiple formats and have been very unsuccessful in finding the right format to use. This is the main reason I’ve not given it a full 5 star review. Of course it’s ridiculous to think that this would be a ‘Movie’ player. However, I have some great concerts that I would love being able to watch as well as listen to. I’m not interested in watching a movie.

- The on/off switch is great if you want to make sure that you don’t accidentially turn on/off. However, I think it’s overly difficult. Especially if you have large fingers. I would have preferred to press the Play button for a couple of seconds.

- The device ‘hiccups’ when scrolling through music that has album art. For some reason, when you get to the list of albums, the select button doesn’t work until the album art appears. Often requiring you to double-click. Not a big deal, unless you’re quickly trying to find a song to add to the play list.

- Finally, the device is either too new or not popular enough to warrant accessories. I really want to buy a protective cover, but they don’t exist. I’ve read that some people are using Nano covers, but they don’t fit well enough. This is really bad if you want to use the Fuze while exercising or cutting the lawn.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Fuze to anyone looking for a low-cost small media device. The cons shouldn’t sway you away from buying it, but they are good to know. I’ll update my review when I figure out the right combination of video formats for the device.

Review by Chet Ragsdale:

This player has really just become available. I ordered thru an Amazon seller, before it became available. Shipping was a little higher. But I wanted it right away. This thing is a perfect size, but beware..little if any accessories exist for it at the moment. I am sure this will change. A skin would be nice to protect the front face..which is very attractive to scratching. The thumb wheel works great, and I have big thumbs. All the menus are easily accessible and it syncs with Windows Media

Player 11 quickly and easily. I have mostly older CD’s that I wanted to rip to file and then sync. Most all of the cover art was available with WMP11 and it rolled seamlessly into the Fuze. Several view modes while playing , one with the EQ, one with the cover art enlarged, one with time of song and time left etc;. Screen is big enough to suit my needs and it plays very well through the aux jack in my car. Battery seems to last longer than some. I would say the only drawback is that this battery is NOT replaceable according to Sansa, so hope it lasts awhile. Overall the price is great and the ease of carrying a few Micro SDHC cards give it unlimited potential. Great unit.

UPDATE: After having this a couple weeks, I would give it 5 stars, GREAT little unit…With the Fuze itself and the 4 Gig Micro SDHC card, I now have 2163 songs on it. I also had a 2 gig card with a 150 songs on it and counting. Performs flawlessly.

UPDATE 2: Dec.19,2008. I still have had no problems with mine. No skipping, or ticks. And no problem with a myriad of different headsets.

I’m sure its possible to get defective units, as anything produced in mass quantity is going to have a few slip through with a defect or two. But, from my point of view… problem

UPDATE 3: Jul 10, 2009. One minor drawback. With the Fuze volume all the way to max and my car volume on max, it still…on some songs is not loud enough for me. Some rock music, you know… just might like loud. This does not always allow that, especially over road noises. Sitting still it is fine, but if you like loud music through the car stereo, this could be a little lacking.

Review by David Sarek:

Before my purchase, I compared the Sansa Fuze with the iPod Nano (3G) and came away thinking the Fuze has a number of advantages. Its very nearly the same size as the Nano but the screen is negligibly smaller. The resolution is also a bit less (220 x 176 vs 320 x 240) but I think it is more than acceptable for most purposes. If you are going to watch a lot of videos you might want to opt for the Nano. Personally, I don’t anticipate watching many videos on such a small display. The scroll wheel is also similar to the iPod but has a more tactile feel since it is mechanical and actually moves. Overall, the user interface is very responsive and easy to use. Advertised battery life is virtually identical. Some of the features that pushed me over to the Fuze are: Micro SD card expandable memory; built-in Audio Recording and FM radio; ability to use subscription services; works with MS Media Player; and, of course, significantly lower cost. The only disadvantages I can think of are the much more limited availability of accessories compared to the iPod. At this point I am very happy with the features, build quality and sound quality of the Fuze. I would highly recommend it.

Review by R. Hamm:

The Sandisk Sansa Fuze is a quality MP3 player. I’ve had the 4GB model for about a month. I’ve got about 1500 songs on it, with about half a gig of space left. I only use it for music — I don’t have any need or desire to see pictures or movies on a less than 2 inch screen. Paired with a pair of Audioengine 5 speakers Audioengine 5 – PC multimedia speakers for iPod – 45 Watt (total) – 2-way – black, it now serves as my primary stereo system. The sound is as good as or better than any component stereo system I’ve had. It plays for hours — I think the claim of 24 hour battery life is probably reasonable, although I haven’t let it run the battery all the way down before recharging. You can get a wall charger for it for next to nothing — I got this one:SANDISK SANSA Premium Black Travel Wall A/C Charger for SanDisk Sansa c100 / c200 / e200 Series (although the Fuze is not listed, it does use the same input connection). This charger works great, and it’s never taken more than a few minutes to charge the Fuze, much faster than using the computer to charge via USB connection.

The display is plenty large and legible. The controls have a good, solid feel, and navigation is really fairly intuitive once you get used to using the thumb wheel.

Although you can drag and drop music to the Fuze using Windows Explorer, I recommend creating playlists on Windows Media Player 11 and syncing them to the Fuze. The output leveling capability of WMP11 greatly reduces the problem of different volume levels among music files so you can shuffle your music without having to constantly adjust the volume.

I definitely recommend the Sansa Fuze. It’s a bargain for its quality.

Buy SanDisk Sansa Fuze 4 GB Video MP3 Player (Black) now for only $ 56.09!

Touch Screen 4GB 2.8-Inch TFT MP4/MP3 Movie Music Personal Media Player

A unique 2.8″ QVGA TFT touch screen color display with a playing resolution of 320 x 240 will make watching your movies and viewing your pictures a pleasure. Listen to your favorite radio stations on the built-in FM radio tuner with 20 channel presets. The 8 preset equalizer including Natural, 3D, Rock, Pop, Classic, Bass, Jazz and User EQ presets enables you to optimize the audio output when listening to your favorite music or watching your favorite movies.

  • 4.0GB Built-in Flash Memory
  • 2.8″ TFT LCD Color Touch Screen
  • Dimension: 3.75″ x 2.20″ x 0.55″
  • Play Music, Video, Store Photos, Voice Recording and FM Radio Stations
  • Built-in Mini Secure Digital SD Card Slot (Mini SD Card Not Included)

Rating: (out of 87 reviews)

List Price: $ 249.99
Price: $ 43.99

Touch Screen 4GB 2.8-Inch TFT MP4/MP3 Movie Music Personal Media Player Reviews

Review by Misty Burnett:

I bought this player for my 11 year old and have had great luck with it. We found that it was easy to load music, videos and games on from my computer – just a matter of copying files from the computer to the device. It is also easy to use once you get the hang of it. The screen is bright and crisp and it seems to be pretty durable. My daughter loves the internal speaker (no ear buds required) and the touch screen display. The only “wishes” that we have for it are – a place to put the little “pen” on the machine, and that the touch screen were a little more sensitive. Her best friend has an I-pod Nano and was jealous of all the features that this little player has and how well it works compared to the I-pod.

Review by Sharon S. Burns:

First of all NEVER DOWNLOAD LARGE FILES DIRECTLY ON TO THE MP4, if you do the MP4 will crash(i.e. turn off forever). This happened to me and others. Once it crashes there is nothing you can do to get it working again, you can avoid the problem by transfering only small files at a time. I contacted Pro biz customer support before and after my MP4 crashed they contacted me within an hour after I emailed them and were very helpful. I had some problems getting video on to the MP4 so he sent me to, [...],where there was a simple and easy proceeder to get video on to the device. They also told me that currently the only game available on the MP4 is the one already on it, but they are working on making more. They also told me that the MP4 only takes mini SD cards, it will not take micro or SDHC cards, there is a difference.

So in conclusion I rated the product a 4 even though it crashed on me because of the great customer support and because you can avoid the crashing by being sure to never downloading large files( group of more than ten songs, or more than one video at a time)directly on to the mp4 player.

Review by J. Rogers:

This unit has a very large screen and it is very easy to see the video. I have a One Click YouTube downloader. Then I use the free software from CNET to convert it to the Media Players file extention. Then plug the Player into the computer and move the files over. I do not see how it can be any easier. There are lots of music videos on the internet ready to download. Even the expensive media players you have to covert to their format. In fact they can be more difficult to use because of copy protection that you do not run into on these units. If you want to download the music videos for free, then this is the one to get. It is like having a little TV in your pocket. Whatever is on TV can be recorded and played on your media player. Esp with the clear crisp digital image they have now. Just get a video capture card and your ready to go. Get some LG speakers and you can share your music with your friends and even look on the screen to see who is making the music. Plug them in at night and your ready to go the next day. Be sure to back up your files, because you never know when you will have to reformat & reload your computer or player. The small screen players are nice also. But this is a great deal with the large screen and the easy to use touch buttons.

Review by Judy Lucas:

Was looking for a media player for my kids to use in the car on long road trips. We’re sick of switching out DVDs in our little player and two kids means disagreement. This is a perfect option, it is inexpensive enough that they each can have their own and I can download their favorite cartoons from YouTube for hours of entertainment. May use for music and games as kids get older. One drawback…although it was clear you needed to use the included AVI converter to get videos to work I still got error messages…turns out I had to first convert my WMV to MP4 using Kinoma Producer (), then downloaded the free MP4 to AVI converter I found on this product’s help page, THEN use the supplied AVI converter. Most people with less technical knowledge would have had trouble. Works like a dream!

Buy Touch Screen 4GB 2.8-Inch TFT MP4/MP3 Movie Music Personal Media Player now for only $ 43.99!

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Our free version of WP Shopping Pages is a great way to start!
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