Welcome to WP Shopping Pages, the easiest plugin to add an affiliate shop to your Wordpress weblogs and increase your earnings!

WP Shopping Pages is a new and powerful affiliate plugin for Wordpress weblogs. The content-rich Shopping Pages filled with Amazon, Linkshare and Commission Junction products as well as eBay auctions related to any topic the plugin creates are a great addition to every weblog. And best of all - adding pages with WP Shopping Pages is a breeze: Within minutes you can turn your weblogs into a powerful affiliate store with dozens of shopping pages closely related to your subject and start earning affiliate commission from four different sources!

WP Shopping Pages supports for different popular affiliate programs, whose catalogs feature tens of thousands of different products you could display on your weblogs and all of which will earn you commission for doing so! Even better: You can combine products from the Amazon affiliate program, the eBay Partner Program, the Commission Junction affiliate network and the Linkshare affiliate network in any way on your pages!

The Shopping Pages Advantages

Earn More Money: WP Shopping Pages makes monetizing your Wordpress weblogs with affiliate networks a breeze. Increase your earnings without any additional work!

Get More Visitors: WP Shopping Pages adds keyword optimized content to your weblog on the click of a button, which can help you get a better ranking in search engines and thus will attract more visitors to your websites.

Save Time: No more fiddling around in affiliate networks control panels and searching for good products to promote. WP Shopping Pages will display the top products related to your niche automatically and save you heaps of time for more valuable things!

Sample Shopping Pages

You are probably most interested in the results WP Shopping Pages can produce on your own weblogs. This is why we have prepared many sample pages on various topics to show off all the features of the plugin - of course this is still just a small selection and you could create pages related to any other topic as well!

A very important feature of WP Shopping Pages is that it can be used together with any Wordpress theme! The plugin has its own templates which define what to display on the created pages, but everything else in terms of looks is defined by the Wordpress theme you are using on your blog, to make sure the Shopping Pages blend in nicely.

You can find many more sample shopping pages in the dropdown menu at the top! All of them have been entirely built and created with the WP Shopping Pages plugin.

Creating Shopping Pages is easy!

You can create dozens of fresh Shopping Pages on a blog in a matter of minutes! That makes it easy to use WP Shopping Pages on all of your weblogs, even if your network is large.

  • Wordpress affiliate store plugin introduction 1 1. Enter your Keyword List - one page will be created for each keyword you enter.
  • Wordpress affiliate store plugin introduction 2 2. Specify Parent and Subpages simply by starting all subpages with a dash.
  • Wordpress affiliate store plugin introduction 3 3. Edit the Additional Options for customization and then hit "Create Pages"!
  • Wordpress affiliate store plugin introduction 4 4. Done! That's it already, the pages have been added to your blog.


  • Create Shopping Pages filled with interesting products for your visitors related to any keyword, subject or niche!
  • Support for 4 different affiliate programs: Add all products from Amazon, eBay, Linkshare and Commission Junction for huge diversity and four additional sources of revenue on your blogs!
  • WP Shopping Pages does automatically display the top selling products for your keywords to increase your conversions!
  • No limit to the number of pages you can create on your blog - build big affiliate shops by adding hundreds of targeted Shopping Pages to every one of your blogs!
  • Optimized default templates to maximize your affiliate network earnings through your Shopping Pages!
  • Total Customization: Powerful templating system that allows you to specify exactly how you want your Shopping Pages to look on your weblogs.
  • Create large numbers of Shopping Pages at once by using keyword lists. It will barely take a minute of your work to create Shopping Pages for all the keywords you target!
  • Easily build a page (or shop) structure by declaring parent and child pages - for example to display your Shopping Pages in a neat drop-down menu (see at the top of this page!).
  • Earn affiliate commission from the Amazon and eBay affiliate programs!
  • Affiliate Link Cloaking to hide your affiliate links and increase your conversion rate.
  • Many more! (too many to list here, which is why we have an extra features page!)

Go here to see the complete list of features WP Shopping Pages has to offer, have a look at some screenshots of the admin panel or order the plugin now risk-free below:

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  • Instant delivery after payment!
  • 14 day money-back guarantee - no questions asked!
  • Free support via the support forum!
  • Lifetime updates included for free!
  • Unlimited personal license: Use the plugin on all of your own weblogs!

Order WP Shopping Pages Premium now and start monetizing your Wordpress weblogs!

One Low Price:

Download WP Shopping Pages Free!

Our free version of WP Shopping Pages is a great way to start!
It includes support for Amazon and eBay but lacks CJ / Linkshare integration as well as several advanced features (e.g. lonk cloaking) that can only be found in premium.

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