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Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 8GB Android YP-GS1 Wi-Fi Bluetooth MP3 Android 2.3
US $69.99
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Samsung P3 Palm Theatre Plus 8 GB MP3 Player (Black)

Samsung P3 Palm Theatre Plus 8GB Black

  • 3¿ TFT LCD (16:9 Wide Full Touch Screen)
  • Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity
  • FM Radio and recorder/voice recording/text
  • Haptic Reaction Touch Screen Controls
  • Built-in Speaker

Rating: (out of 3 reviews)

Price: $ 157.99

Samsung P3 Palm Theatre Plus 8 GB MP3 Player (Black) Reviews

Review by S. G. Erwin:

This was the third mp3 player I purchased after returning the first two. And, it was the only one that had a decent manual. You can easily download music from multiple sources, and the touch screen is fabulous. My tech-expert nephew suggested I read reviews on sites like [...], etc. and that is where I found the reviews on the Samsung YP-P3. I immediateley ordered one, and have not been disappointed in any way. If any of you want a user friendly music/photo/video player – this one is terrific – Absolutely NO cons!

Review by Angrypencils:

The P3 is really a great player. For some reason, many people compare it to the iPod Touch, but that doesn’t make much sense, considering it’s priced to compete better with the iPod NANO.

The P3’s screen is made of glass… this means, it is really hard to scratch it, unlike that odd plastic material used in most touchscreen players. The touchscreen itself will seem a bit sticky at first, but after a week or so of having it, you will barely notice this at all. The touchscreen is in most cases very responsive, though the player’s UI is notorious for lagging at times. This, though, is something you can easily get used to. There are some silly little widgets, some are handy such as a clock and a calendar, but most seem to be designed for a young child. The background is customizable with images 272×480 pixels for a perfect fit. Also, when you first begin using it, you may notice the battery draining quickly, as the first of three bars will disappear quickly. The meter only stays at full when the battery is very full, i can use this for about 4 days, listening about 2-3 hours a day before i need to charge it.

The screen has some sort of special detection for touch, i believe it’s called capacitive sensing, which only responds if it detects a conductor, in other words, the human body. I’m sure it also works with some random special material as well, but for the purposes of the average person, this will only respond to a human body, so you don’t have to worry about anything else activating the touchscreen. You may still want to use the Hold button though, as there are volume and a power button on the top of the player.

The screen on this player can play videos at up to 800×600 pixels, which is pretty good for a player of this price. It’s no Zune HD, but it sure does look good on the 3 inch screen.

The player body is made of some plastic, but mostly metal. I have heard of these things surviving all kinds of punishment, even have 45 pound weights dropped on them in the gym. The touchscreen and everything still worked in that case, the only problem were cracks and the player being slightly bent of course.

The P3 has all the typical features of a Samsung player, the DSNe, bluetooth, etc. etc. What is really surprising is its support for .flv files, and a flash player for .swf files. Yes, this means you can play flash games and watch flash movies on your P3. It can also be used to pair with a phone as a hands free device via bluetooth.

The only thing i would ever really worry about would be the fact that you can see directly inside of the player, as in you can see all the microchips and whatnot inside of it through the headphone jack. This could lead to dust getting in there, but this is easily solved by either just blowing it or or just leaving headphones in all the time.

In short, this player is really fantastic for 150$, which, again, is the same price as an Nano. You get so much more for almost the same price, it makes me wonder why anyone would ever buy a Nano.

Buy Samsung P3 Palm Theatre Plus 8 GB MP3 Player (Black) now for only $ 157.99!

Samsung YP-K3JQB 2GB Ultra Slim MP3 Player – Black

The Samsung K3 is the slimmest subscription-enabled MP3 Player on the market. The K3 uses Samsung’s OLED display with a light emitting touch-pad, a combination that has garnered critical acclaim.

  • Stores up to 2GB. * Plays MP3, WMA,DRM-Janus and JPEG. * Flash Storage Device * 1.8 full color OLED * FM Tuner with autoscan and presets * Light emitting touch pad * Li-Poly rechargeable battery * Screensavers-analog clock * Sleep timer and auto-off * Supports USB 1.1, 2.0 * JPEG slide shows * 20hr bat life
  • 1.8 full color LED display. The K3 has a full color OLED Display. With its 1.8-inch display you can view JPEG slideshows.
  • With DNSe, Samsung’s proprietary Digital Natural Sound engine technology, the K5 offers virtual surround sound. This guarantees great volume, no distortion, and a more natural and accurate higher quality sound, even with just two small speakers.
  • In addition, 5 modes of Preset EQ allow you to customize the sound experience to suit the style of music. These advanced music functions allow you to enjoy the same acoustic wow that you would hear from your home stereo.

Rating: (out of 69 reviews)

List Price: $ 119.99

Samsung YP-K3JQB 2GB Ultra Slim MP3 Player – Black Reviews

Review by pray_for_mojo:

You can stop looking because you have just found the best MP3 player on the market today. Yes, this is the fabled “ipod killer” that beats the ipod Nano in almost every conceivable category. It probably won’t actually outsell the ipod, because lets face it: if features were what sold ipods, Apple would be out of business. But I digress.

Unlike other players on the market, the Samsung K3 focuses itself on being an audio player first, and ignores some of the more gimmicky features found on other players such as video support. Personally, I would rather drive nails into my eyes then watch a movie on a 1-inch screen, but maybe that’s just me. The other notable feature missing on the K3 is album art support, although I have my fingers crossed that a future firmware upgrade will correct this. Samsung more than makes up for the missing features by offering what is (in my opinion) the best sounding player on the market. The sound quality and number of customizable sound options such EQ settings, 3D sound, bass boost, etc are outstanding, particularly in the latest firmware versions. Personally, I listen to my K3 in normal mode with high quality Sennheiser buds (CX300) and I have zero complaints about the sound quality. This is a music player, not a media player. Some other cool features of the K3 are a great sounding FM radio, photo viewing, and text / lyrics viewing.

The K3 also wins out in the looks department, being the slimmest, most stylish player you can buy. I have the red version of this player and I actually get complements on my MP3 player! Everyone who picks it up tells me how cool it looks. The K3 also has nice a solid feel to it in your hand – it just FEELS like a quality product. This is an important consideration, because some other players on the market, such as the creative Zen-V, feel like a children’s toy that just fell out of a box of Frosted Flakes (seriously, go hold one!). But where the K3 really shines is in the looks department. No other player on the market comes close in terms of style. Not only is the player razor thin, but it has a nice clean design. The great menu designs and graphics on the player all combine to offer up a sense of style that is rarely found in electronics. And then there are the ultra-cool touch buttons. They take a little bit of getting used to, but once you have them down, you will never want to go back. The touch buttons are a great rival to the ipod click wheel.

So the player itself is great, but where most MP3 players fall short is in the software / media management side of things. A short explanation of the two main types of MP3 players is necessary here: MTP vs UMS. MTP stands for ‘media transfer protocol’ and refers to the scenario where software running on your computer manages the transfer of media to your portable device. This is the ipod / itunes model, where only itunes can get music onto your ipod. The alternative is UMS, which stands for ‘universal mass storage’ meaning that the portable device acts like a mini hard drive and can be connected to any computer. There are pros and cons to each method, with the primary advantage of the MTP model being ease of use and transparency, while the UMS devices offer simplicity and portability at the expense of placing the responsibility (and control) for managing the player onto the user.

What makes the Samsung K3 so great is that they cater to BOTH of these markets by making the K3 firmware upgradeable and offering both an MTP steam of firmware AND a UMS stream of firmware. This does not seem to be a well advertised fact, and I will warn you that it is not exactly easy to do the upgrade, but the point is that it CAN be done. Any experienced computer user should be able to manage it.

Myself, I cannot stand MTP devices or itunes-like software, which is what makes the K3 so attractive to me. Unfortunately, the K3 comes out of the box as an MTP device, meaning that you have to install the bundled Samsung software at least once to get things running. The Samsung software is about as good as any MTP software (i.e. complete crap), but it does what it is supposed to. The nasty little surprise that Samsung bundles with their software I could live without though. Samsung has silently bundled some DRM software / spyware called “Markany” with their program. After installing the software, you will notice two new programs that will run at all times in the background on your computer. One is the Samsung software, the other is the Markany program. Some people won’t care about things like this, but it drives me completely bonkers!

The good news is that by upgrading the firmware to UMS, you can successfully ditch both the Samsung software and Markany, and enjoy all the great features of the K3, without having to bother with any software at all. Just plug in the player and copy your music over like it was a flash drive. Simple, easy, clean. Once this minor headache is over, you are left with one of the most powerful, best sounding, and definitely most stylin’ music players you can buy.

Review by C. Lectura:

Been looking around for a good mp3 player for about 6 months now, ever since I realized my iPod sucked (between the lack of real battery life and the complicated software intrface, I had had enough with Apple).

Believe me I looked into everything from Microsoft Zune to Creative Zen to the 30gb iPod, and a few lesser known players. THIS PRODUCT IS THE BEST ALL AROUND MEDIA PLAYER OUT THERE RIGHT NOW, and here’s why:

1) Unprecedented battery life! It’s been 4 days of on-and-off play for me since I first charged it out of the box, and I STILL HAVE 2 BARS LEFT.

2) Easy software interface: uploading songs and pics through the samsung program can get tedious if you want to make playlists, but other than that, I simply use the plug-n-play option (simply dragging media files into the removable disk folder).

3) Awesome sound quality! I was truly amazed with the cd-quality sound of the FM radio feature.

4) Plays WMA along with MP3: you will find that this NECESSARY feature is lacking in many of the other big wig players out there right now (ie Creative Zen)

5) Beautiful seamless controls (no “buttons”)


Review by M. Fanelli:

This device has lots of good points and only a few bad points and bugs.

First, the good.

1. The sound quality is fantastic, much better than my first generation iPod. I am using my own headphones, the provided ones have not been opened.

2. Transfering files is fast and simple, no software is needed although a CD is provided.

3. The response is super fast. This is also bad, see below.

4. There have no glitches, no freeze-ups, no occational skipping. That last one is important as my old iPod got jittery all too often.

5. Although it is not the cheapest, it is substantially less that the iPod Nano.

6. The screen is bright, colorful, and clear, at least indoors.

7. The battery charges quickly and lasts forever.

8. I don’t use pictures much on these tiny devices but the images I tested by loading them through the Samsung software were excellent, considering the tiny screen.

9. It looks nice!

Now, the bad.

1. The controls are so fast I still haven’t figured out how to avoid holding them down too long. The screen sometimes goes wild jumping from menu-to-menu as I clumsily try to stop pressing buttons!

2. The provided software is mediocre at best and doesn’t run very well under Vista. Everytime it starts up, it goes into convulsions before settling down. After that, is is fine. Works properly on my XP desktop.

3. I have yet to figure out how to get playlists over to the device. Every playlist, rather than being a reference, starts copying duplicates of the files already there. I don’t have the space for that.

4. It is easily scratched even just sitting there. Get screen protectors for it before you even take it out of the box.

Finally, the ugly.

1. My 1 Gig iPod was never filled so I got the 2 Gig Samsung. Wow, it holds less that the smaller iPod. However, I think the sizes are larger which may be why the sound quality is so much better. Get the 4 Gig model.

2. The device is really geared for Europe. None of the free-for-30-days music stores with free downlaods are available to those of us in North America.

3. The on-line registration is crazed, I filled out the form at least 5 times and each time some silly tiny “mistake” was made. It didn’t even like my address! I gave up.

Over all, this is a great compromise between the expensive iPods and the error-prone cheaper models of mp3 players.

Review by minnzo:

This thing really looks much better in person than the pictures would have you believe! I was in a retailer to pick up a different model, but when I saw this one.. the search was over. The menus are animated in a very cool way, and the sound quality is EXCELLENT. Even the supplied headphones are not that bad. It took just a few seconds to get used to not having an actual button to hit, but it really is a sleek little player. 5+ stars!

Buy Samsung YP-K3JQB 2GB Ultra Slim MP3 Player – Black now for only !

Samsung P2 8 GB Touchscreen Bluetooth Portable Media Player (Black)

The Samsung P2 is a flash-based portable media player with a 3″ LCD widescreen (16×9) with slim-style form factor. Capable of video, music, photo, FM radio playback, the P2 will let you carry your media files with you wherever you go. Samsung has also embedded a Bluetooth 2.0 chip into the P2 so users can use right away with other Bluetooth 2.0 devices such as stereo speakers and headphones. Packed with additional features such as datacasts, alarm clock, world clock and calendar functionality, the P2 is an extremely multifunctional media player. Get up to 30 hours

  • Slim and robust 8 GB multimedia player with digital FM radio
  • Built-in Bluetooth 2.0: compatible with Bluetooth headphones and speakers for wireless stereo playback
  • 3-inch widescreen LCD with touchscreen controls
  • FM radio, text viewer, alarm clock, world clock, and calendar
  • Windows XP and Windows Vista compatible

Rating: (out of 94 reviews)

List Price: $ 179.99

Samsung P2 8 GB Touchscreen Bluetooth Portable Media Player (Black) Reviews

Review by M. Kanai:

Aesthetically, this is a really nice product from Samsung. The player is quite sleek, with nice rounded edges, a decent weight, and sharp piano black gloss finish. The sound quality is superb. I didn’t get the same battery life the manufacturer did (they rate 30 hours, I probably average 20), but I would bet that’s because I use the touchscreen interface more than their battery testers did.

As for the touchscreen, I have to admit it’s pretty nice. I prefer tactile use, so I’m more of a fan of buttons than touchscreens, but Samsung has done a nice job executing this one. There are a couple of odd quirks to the touchscreen. For example, when you “swipe” the touchscreen to advance you have to swipe from right to left, which seems counterintuitive since you are advancing the progress bar from left to right. Obviously, the same is true of swiping to back up, where you swipe from left to right, even though you’re going back on the progress bar.

Also, in the default menu setting, you make circular gestures on the touchscreen to advance through the menu. Neat? yes. Functional? not really. The biggest problem I had with this is that my thumb kept obscuring the icons as they moved into view. Ultimately, I found this too annoying and I disabled it in favor of a regular grid menu. Not as cool to show your friends, but much more functional.

The audio player functions are top notch. As a caveat to this, I will say that I could not get this to sync with Winamp 5.5. My Winamp crashed every time I loaded it when the P2 was plugged in. Instead, I did my syncing through Windows Media Player, and it worked fine. It synced playlists perfectly, and did a great job recognizing albums when I copied them directly like a mass storage device. The on-board player functions include a customizable EQ with quite a few presets and a clarity adjuster. There are preset visualizations including a couple of light shows (that do not track the music), album art, track info, and a spectrum analyzer.

The video player is pretty good, but I don’t really like watching video on such a small screen anyway. I’m not a big fan of the fact that you have to convert through Samsung’s software to get it to run, but I guess that’s the case with most MP3/video players. The widescreen playback is properly formated. FM reception is satisfactory. Not sure how the eReader works since I don’t have any ebooks for it, but you can see test screens of it.

This is, overall, a good MP3 player, even if it is a bit pricey. It is only cheaper than the iTouch, but it also brings in an FM radio tuner and bluetooth support for up to two bluetooth devices–including a pass-thru for your cellphone to a set of bluetooth stereo headphones like the non-US release Samsung T9. Bluetooth is a great feature if you’ve got bluetooth headsets, speakers, or car radio. So you’re getting more features than the iTouch offers. A major downside for me is the fact that it is primarily touchscreen-only (there are hard buttons on the side: on the left a lock button and a play/pause/power button; on the right, two volume buttons). Since I tend to like to keep my mp3 in my pocket, I prefer to have tactile skip buttons as well.

Samsung has made some great strides with their feature packed MP3 players. And while this one was almost perfect for me, it fell short of the mark only in the somewhat high price tag and the lack of hard skip buttons. I give them kudos, however, for having hard play/pause/power and volume buttons (FYI, play/pause and volume can also be controlled via the touchscreen).

Review by Debra Chong:

I wanted a video player that was easy to use with UnBox and other video sites other than iTunes (I have owned a 3G 40G and own a 4G 30G video and 3G Nano 4GB). Here are my initial thoughts:

Fast charging via USB

Easy to use Samsung proprietary software for music, video and RSS feeds

Nice User Interface with Touch Screen, bright colors

File transfer from UnBox a breeze, recognized immediately, very fast file transfer vs. IPOD

Easy interface to add, update and load RSS feeds

Drag and drop computer files for music and video

Syncing is much easier than an IPOD, does not sync all of your files to obtain new files to load

Updated firmware was fast and easy (Bluetooth upgrade)

Great sound quality and form factor

Cost per MB more affordable than an IPOD

Love it so far after 1.5 hours of use; will update once I have it for a week or two.

WORTH considering, like the fact that it does not require quirky Windows Media Player

Purchased for 0, which was a bargain vs. the 4G IPOD Nano

Considered the Creative Vision and Archos; Archos was more than I needed as I just wanted to plug and play and take this on a plane. :)

Update 1/20/2007: The Unbox and Vongo video downloads work great. Vongo at .95 per month gives a variety of videos to download (14 day trial). Vongo does load any video that you choose from your subscription (total rental fee per month) vs. Unbox which only lets you download purchases — no rentals for portable video devices.

I also purchased the JabraBT620s Bluetooth headset and it paired immediately. Wireless music and video. However, the P2 does not support bluetooth with FM radio. Price for the Jabra is around -40 from an Amazon seller, 1/2 the price vs. other websites. When on Bluetooth, you can not change the equalizer settings.

Wish this were 16GB which would hold enough music and video; Samsung is coming out with 16GB model. However, this is not a deal breaker. Just means that you have to take videos off and swap them, and that would be the case with Vongo as you can download new videos all of the time.

When I take a plane trip this coming week, I will come back and update my review. Will be using Bose Quiet Comfort 1 with this player.

Review by minnzo:

Just wanted to post that if you are in the market for a portable player, you should not pass this one up. I have the 4 GB version, and I rate the sound quality 10 out of 10 with some KOSS headphones mp3 encoded at 256. The screen is bright and clear, and while the volume has to go almost to peak to push one set of my headphones it is crystal clear when I get there, and every step before it! I am impressed by the sound quality, and highly recommend it.

Review by JoVill:

i really wanted to give this product five stars but it has some real bluetooth limitations. i purchased this product primarily so i could be unwired in the gym. i also purchased this product because of its high quality sound ratings. it turns out in the bluetooth mode all the sound features are turned off and the equalizer and sound enhancement does not function. Also the FM radio does not work over Bluetooth, so if you want any sound enhancement or if you want to listen to the radio you still have to have those wired earphones/headphones around. i am using this unit with a Sony DRBT21G/B headset and all the remote control features work quite nicely. Sound is good but not as good as it could be if the equalizer was available. Bluetooth range is very good with line of sight operation out to the spec 10 meters with no problem. Except for these limitations the unit is a beautiful design and even with big fingers the touch display works well (although a bit slow on the equalizer screen when you do have wired headphones plugged in). The display is clear and bright and the menus are easy to navigate. A little nit is you have to carry another cable around as Samsung did not use a standard USB plug on the unit (probably because it is too thin). Also would have been nice to have include a mico SD slot so you could add memory.

Buy Samsung P2 8 GB Touchscreen Bluetooth Portable Media Player (Black) now for only !

Samsung S3 4 GB Slim Portable Media Player (Black)

Rock out to your favorite tunes or watch crystal-clear videos wherever life takes you on a 1.8-inch LCD. Available in five cool colors, the Samsung S3 plays audio and video as well as displays still pictures and text. It also comes with 4 GB of memory and the DNSe sound engine for a superior surround sound experience. Packed with multimedia features you can enjoy no matter where you are, the Samsung S3 makes a perfect media partner. The Samsung S3 is the perfect media partner. Click to enlarge.

  • 4 GB capacity stores up to 50 hours of music (MP3 files @ 128kbps) or up to 3 hours 47 minutes of video (MP4 files @ 128kbps)
  • Play up to 25 hours of audio or 4 hours of video on a single charge
  • 1.8-inch TFT LCD; QCIF display resolution (176 x 220)
  • Supports MP3, WMA, and Ogg audio formats; MPEG4 and SVI video formats; JPEG picture files; and TXT files
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty

Rating: (out of 23 reviews)

List Price: $ 79.99

Samsung S3 4 GB Slim Portable Media Player (Black) Reviews

Review by Cypherdude:

Samsung’s YP-S3 player is a great little MP3 player with high quality sound. When you purchase any stereo player of any type, there are at least 2 attributes you are concerned with: S/N or signal to noise ratio and frequency response. Samsung’s S3 excels in both areas.

Samsung’s S3 has a PDF manual available for download on their site and also on the included 8cm mini-CD. The manual claims a S/N ratio of 90 dB and a freq. response of 40Hz-20KHz which are excellent. With S/N, the higher the better and 90 dB is very good. Most stereo equipment never exceed 92 dB. A full freq. response would be 20Hz-20KHz which is the full range of the human ear. While many CD, DVD, and digital players are capable of playing all the way down to 20Hz, almost no home speakers are capable of outputting such a low response.

After listening to the S3 for several days, I can say Samsung delivers on their high specs. There is absolutely no machine noise or humming during music quiet spots. Also, I can hear the full range of the music, excellent. I use the “DNSe” settings which are quite good. DNSe allows you to set 3D and extra Bass effects. There is also a range of equalizer settings you may use. I use the 9 band user equalizer which is great. The specs say 7 band but it’s really 9 which is better.

While the S3 delivers excellent performance, I cannot say the same for the included software: their Samsung Media Studio (SMS). SMS offers the bare minimum in features. For some reason, every time I start my Windows XP Pro SP2, SMS puts its icon on my TaskBar. I am NOT going to use SMS every single day (or even every week) so why does it load an icon on my TaskBar?! There is no option in SMS to prevent it from doing this. I am going to have to edit the Registry to remove the SMS startup entry! Also, every time I start SMS, it always attempts to connect to the Internet and there is again no option to prevent this.

Before I purchased the S3, I carefully named each of my own MP3 files I wanted to load starting from “001 Artist – Title” and on. I then discovered SMS has NO column for sorting filenames. SMS was totally worthless for loading my MP3’s! Because Windows Explorer doesn’t work for creating numbered folders on the S3, that’s the only thing I used SMS for. I used Explorer for the actual loading process.

BTW, I called Samsung tech support and they told me the S3 would not list MP3’s by filename. This is incorrect. They also said the S3 would show MP3’s with no ID3 information as “Unknown.” This is also incorrect. Just use “File Browser” or “Music Browser.”

Samsung claims 4GB’s is “enough space for 50 hours of music using 128 KBit MP3’s.” No one uses 128 anymore. If you do with the S3, you’re going to be unhappy because the quality will be poor. Amazon sells their MP3’s at 256 (they should really go to 320). Companies should really stop using the 128 KBit spec. Regardless, 4 GB’s is plenty of space for even 256 KBit MP3’s. As an MP3 player, the 4 GB S3 will store all your favorite songs and still have space leftover for any extra files you wish to transport to another PC.

As a video player, 4 GB is not enough space. If you wish to play video content, you should purchase the 8 GB S3: Samsung S3 8gb Mp3 Player – Black. For some reason, Amazon doesn’t offer the 8 GB model. Even with 8 GB, you may not be content playing video on a small 1.8″ screen. For video, you might want to opt for a different model, perhaps one of the OEM makers which offer 3″ screens.

Samsung claims 25 hours battery playing time, again probably for 128 KBit MP3’s. After you have gone through several recharging cycles, expect about 12 hours playing time for your 256 KBit MP3’s. I haven’t done this yet.

Finally, because the S3 uses Microsoft’s proprietary USB MTP standard, it has some rather high PC requirements: minimum XP SP2 and WMP10. I upgraded my system to XP Pro SP2 (dual-boot system). Even after the upgrade, I was STILL unable to access the S3. I had not realized my SP2 disk only has WMP9. After wasting half an hour trying to find the problem, I realized I needed WMP11 and upgraded. Why the brand name MP3 player manufacturers don’t use the universal USB UMS standard I don’t know. If you use Linux, Ubuntu or other non-Window$ O/S, you will need to convert your S3 to UMS (probably voiding your warranty in the process). Visit AnythingButIpod and you’ll find the Samsung BIOS and instructions.

Overall, after loading my S3, I can say this is a great little player. It costs LESS THAN HALF of iPod’s. The S3 has very high sound quality and plenty of space. I have not been forced to recharge yet. Hopefully Samsung will improve their SMS software and then the package will be perfect. If you want to buy a better set of earbuds, try the JVC HA-FX66: JVC HAFX66B Air Cushion Headphones (Black).

Review by Peny Lane:

I got this after my Samsung YP-K3 went kaput after an incident while working out on the treadmill (don’t ask). I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about this device so I decided to purchase it. First, let me just say that I’m a simple gal with a limited budget. This means that I don’t have the moolah to spend 300 bucks on an iPod (I don’t care how AMAZING they are), nor do I feel the need to spend money on a device that has everything under the sun. I just want something that plays music. If it has some cool features like games and cool graphics under a reasonable price, then that’s fine, too. Which is basically the S3. I got the 4GB one in green. It plays music, has some videos, can read text files, and have some games. I basically use it so far for the music only. Another plus for me is the fact that there’s built in space for playlists. There are 5 playlists that hold up to 100 songs, which I think is cool. I have some issues with this however. In the beginning, after I charge it, the playlists would disappear, and then reappear after I add a song to it. That doesn’t happen anymore though. It also doesn’t recognize playlists I made in Napster. It would go directly to the File Browser but would then split apart the playlists and file the songs under the Artist’s name. However, it automatically recognizes the ones downloaded from WMP. Odd.Haven’t used the other features in length so I can’t really comment on those. I will say that I’m glad I purchased this device, though I’m thinking of getting the 8gb one so I could download more music. All in all, this is a good device for those who don’t want to spend alot of money on something whose sole purpose is to give you the pleasure of listening to music.

E.T.A.: One thing I like to add is that I wish there were available accessories for this device. I don’t really want the silicone case because it reminds me of the one I purchased for my old sansa device that I had years ago, that ripped apart. It’s sad that there’s millions of accessories available for the iPod and Zune because these companies assume that those two are the only ones that everybody buys when it’s just not true. So, I’m searching for suitable cover cases so that there’ll be no more cracks. Any suggestions?

Review by R. Jordan:


-Great audio quality.

-Has a ‘hold’ button on the side to keep buttons from being pressed while in your pocket.

-Interface is simple to use.

-Weighs nothing.

-Synchs with Media Player no problem. Fast data transfer.

-Good battery life.

Small annoyances:

-The case is highly glossy and leaves fingerprint smudges easily.

-You can’t use the player while its charging.

-The data cable sits right next to the headphone jack, so you have to unplug the headphones to unplug the data cable.

-Bad engrish all over the player and software. (i.e. one of the help menus says, “Obtain the ingredients with clearing each object and then clear the stage when completing the number of burger which is stipulated each stage.”)

Larger annoyances:

-I immediately noticed that the S3 is slim. Very slim. Almost too slim for big hands. Continued use results in cramped hands.

-Because its so thin, there is no easy way to hold it without accidently hitting a button.

-I find myself constantly hitting the wrong button and brushing against the buttons by accident. Buttons are highly sensitive.

-Software crashes a lot with the following error, “Error: ” Descriptive, huh?

Review by Civil Savage:

i got this as a gift and i will have to disappoint the person that gave it to me because i would rather trade this in for something else. it has too many problems that i’ll just list in no particular order.

1. the design is TOO sleek. it’s small and slippery and has fallen too many times already and i would rather not risk breaking it permanently. it can snap into the case it’s packaged in but it can’t fasten to my shirt pocket?

2. the buttons are annoying because you can easily press the wrong things and i liked my old player because i didn’t have to pull the thing out of my pocket to change the volume or the track i’m listening to. sometimes you just don’t want people know you’re carrying around an expensive mp3 player.

3. the program that comes with it is a piece of junk. it doesn’t recognise the player half the time and the other half the time it starts working on something and then just stops halfway through. it doesn’t freeze, it doesn’t generate an error, it just STOPS like it’s done. i can’t even load a complete album without this happening and it is very time consuming and very annoying. the updated program (emodio) is an even bigger disappointment. i thought it was going to be neat to download rss feeds, convert video, and store pictures but the novelty wore off when it was too much of a hassle to get those things working. then i thought “phones and the internet already do this, why put it on an mp3 player?”

4. the file management on the device is confusing if not redundant because it has a file browser that works like a computer’s file browser but the player also has a music/video/photo/text function on the pre-installed interface that shows SOME of the files IF you used the media manager (the SMS thing or the EmoDio junk) and IF it’s tagged properly.

5. i don’t know if it’s the computer, the cable, or the player that’s having problems but the connection just stinks between the computer and the player and i’m fed up with trying to troubleshoot it. right now i’m trying to uninstall the emodio thing from my computer and it’s taking FOREVER…

6. reading the player’s websites for support is a trip. frankly some of the copy for ads and promos for the product makes me think of (“only happy, enjoyful, things happens to you next year” for example, check out and for more examples if you think i’m being stubborn about this).

i’m VERY disappointed with this player and i consider myself intermediate when it comes to being tech savvy (i used to work as a computer tech and i’m always a go-to guy when people can’t figure out their gadgets or computer programs). i would urge others to research more and read ALL reviews for players and devices before investing in them. don’t skip over a negative review because you could very well be the next dissatisfied customer with the same problem registering your disgust on the internet.

don’t be thrown off by the sheer number of features or the kind of features but go for practicality, functionality, versatility, and useability. this player has none of those things in my experience.

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