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Radio Shack TRS-80 Assembly Language Programming Book
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Hello World! Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners

“Computer programming is a powerful tool for children to ‘learn learning,’ that is, to learn the skills of thinking and problem-solving…Children who engage in programming transfer that kind of learning to other things.”–Nicholas Negroponte, the man behind the One Laptop Per Child project that hopes to put a computer in the hands of every child on earth, January 2008

Your computer won’t respond when you yell at it. Why not learn to talk to your computer in its own language? Whether you want to write games, start a business, or you’re just curious, learning to program is a great place to start. Plus, programming is fun!

Hello World! provides a gentle but thorough introduction to the world of computer programming. It’s written in language a 12-year-old can follow, but anyone who wants to learn how to program a computer can use it. Even adults. Written by Warren Sande and his son, Carter, and reviewed by professional educators, this book is kid-tested and parent-approved.

You don’t need to know anything about programming to use the book. But you should know the basics of using a computer–e-mail, surfing the web, listening to music, and so forth. If you can start a program and save a file, you should have no trouble using this book.

  • ISBN13: 9781933988498
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Rating: (out of 15 reviews)

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Price: $ 20.99

Hello World! Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners Reviews

Review by Ira Laefsky:

This attractive and moderately-sized volume gets elementary through high school education in programming computers right, and makes the best use of the universally available (and free) “batteries-included” language–Python. In the early days of personal computers (about 1978), everyone and his brother had a Teach Yourself Basic on the TRS-80 or Apple-II programming book that got you and your kids up to speed in the Dartmouth-developed (Digital Equipment Corporation-improved) BASIC computer programming language. At that time, you were lucky if at the conclusion of the book you could produce a simple-minded character-based Tic-Tac-Toe game (or self-prompted lessons in the multiplication tables). With excellent pedagogy and the libraries (like PYGAME) now available for the modern Python programming language this book enables the home-schooled student (or timid grandparent) to build sophisticated simulations and graphical entertainment (like a virtual pet) at least equivalent to the commercial games available in that era.

Due to the excellent tools and step-by-step examples given by Warren and Carter Sande the young reader, or his/her parent, is well prepared for a modern college level course in Data Structures or Algorithms with well illustrated examples of Lists, Modules, Event-driven and Object-Oriented Programming. The use of GUI-builders and programming libraries enable the novice to achieve impressive results within the course of a few short months of self-instruction.

The book is well illustrated, and the examples and tools downloadable from the book’s web site run correctly without the need to fix typo’s.

All in all, the book is an excellent read for a 12-year old, or an adult novice, and will provide superb instruction and entertainment for its readers.

–Ira Laefsky

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Programming Perl (3rd Edition)

Perl is a powerful interpreted programming language that has matured steadily since it first appeared in 1988. The first edition of this book, Programming Perl, hit the shelves in 1990, and was quickly adopted as the undisputed Bible of the language. Since then, Perl has grown with the times, and so has this book. Programming Perl provides a unique introduction to the Perl language and its culture, as you might expect only from its authors. This third edition of the book has been expanded to cover version 5.6 of Perl. New topics include threading, the compiler, Unicode, and other features that have been added or improved since the previous edition.Larry Wall wrote Perl and he wrote Programming Perl. Better yet, he writes amusingly and well–all of which comes across in this latest edition of the definitive guide to the language. Like Topsy, Perl just grew, and as a result the need for a third edition came about. It’s now over 1,000 pages, which it needs to be, as it performs several different duties. First, it’s an introduction to the Perl language for those who are new to programming; also, it’s a guide for those who are coming from other languages; and, finally, it’s a Perl language reference. Among Larry Wall’s other pursuits is being a linguist, and it’s perhaps for this

  • ISBN13: 9780596000271
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, Over one million books sold! 98% Positive feedback. Compare our books, prices and service to the competition. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Rating: (out of 114 reviews)

List Price: $ 49.95
Price: $ 26.99

Programming Perl (3rd Edition) Reviews

Review by Maurice Reeves:

If you’re like me, and you’re shopping for a book, you immediately start reading the negative reviews and work upwards. So I started reading the reviews and read through them all, bought the book despite the many negative, and frankly, snippish comments made by many reviewers and decided that I need to respond.Many say that the examples are convoluted, or that he focuses on obscure language references. One says the book starts quickly with a discussion of the splice function. The first mention of splice is on page 355, which I certainly don’t define as ‘quickly’….Others say that there are no examples, or they are not explained clearly, but there’s a short sample program right on page 18, and then 4 pages are devoted to analyzing the program and how it works. Further review through the book shows many small examples, especially in the sections that outline the core functions of Perl, and the core modules of Perl.Others come here and criticize Perl the language, and use this as a platform for their own advocacy of other languages. This is just silly. If you’re interested in Perl, or you’ve been using Perl and you want to know more, buy this book. In the universe of computer programming, every language choice you make is controversial, and subject to debate, and just because some reviewers do not like Perl the language, it does not mitigate the quality of this book.That all being said, and debunking the frankly lousy reviews, I’ll caution that this is NOT for beginning programmers, or people with limited technical knowledge. O’Reilly knows this, and anyone who has read this book should know this too. There is a book called ‘Beginning Perl’, also from O’Reilly, and written by one of the other top minds in Perl. It is easy to follow, provides many concrete examples and is where a beginning programer should begin. If you have a technical background, you will probably be able to start with this book, though Learning Perl is still worth reading.What this book provides is not only an exhaustive guide to the language of Perl, and it’s abilities, but also insight into it’s design, the decisions of the creator of the language (Larry Wall, the main author of the book created Perl), and the major philosophy behind Perl.This is a valuable reference and worth having.This is the book that I turn to when I have Perl questions.And this book is worth every penny I spent to get it.

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A Book on C: Programming in C (4th Edition)

Now in its fourth edition, A Book on C retains the features that have made it a proven, best-selling tutorial and reference on the ANSI C programming language. This edition builds on the many existing strengths of the text to improve, update, and extend the coverage of C, and now includes information on transitioning to Java and C++ from C. Beginners and professional programmers alike will benefit from the numerous examples and extensive exercises developed to guide readers through each concept. Step-by-step dissections of program code illuminate the correct usage and syntax of C language constructs and reveal the underlying logic of their application. The clarity of exposition and format of the book make it an excellent reference on all aspects of C. Highlights of A Book on C, Fourth Edition : New and updated programming examples and dissections-the authors’ trademark technique for illustrating and teaching language concepts. Recursion is emphasized with revised coverage in both the text and exercises. Multifile programming is given greater attention, as are the issues of correctness and type safety. Function prototypes are now used throughout the text. Abstract Data Types, the key concept necessary to understanding objects, are carefully covered. Updated material on transitioning to C++, including coverage of the important

Rating: (out of 56 reviews)

List Price: $ 69.99
Price: $ 34.95

A Book on C: Programming in C (4th Edition) Reviews

Review by :

Well, after reading Teach Yourself C in 24 hours and not learning much from the overly useless examples and plain explanations, I decided to a buy another C book to get a more advanced education on the C language. I looked through the reviews of the C books, and decided on this one…Best choice I ever made.This book is truly fantastic. Explanations of new concepts and ideas are given lots of detail and thought, programs are explained well with the helpful dissection technique, the order of the chapters is well thought out, etc, etc. I would suggest an easier book on C(Don’t get Teach Yourself C in 24 Hours tho), although it isn’t required to understand this book because of how well it’s written. Overall, this book is incredible, and wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend it full-heartedly. Althought it isn’t perfect (Typos and lack of full examples are the only two problems I can think of) this book comes the closest I’ve ever seen. It even introduces C++ and Java at the end, a very nice touch.

Buy A Book on C: Programming in C (4th Edition) now for only $ 34.95!

Visual Basic 6 Programming Blue Book: The Most Complete, Hands-On Resource for Writing Programs with Microsoft Visual Basic 6!

Features detailed information on database programming, including ODBC and client/server technology. Covers hot new Internet and object-oriented programming features. Teaches beginning- and intermediate-level programmers how to write for the Microsoft Windows operating system using the Visual Basic programming environment.

Rating: (out of 12 reviews)

List Price: $ 49.99
Price: $ 27.59

Visual Basic 6 Programming Blue Book: The Most Complete, Hands-On Resource for Writing Programs with Microsoft Visual Basic 6! Reviews

Review by :

This book is an outstanding introduction to Visual Basic. Itis designed for someone who is already familiar with some programmingskills but no knowledge of Microsoft’s Visual Basic environment. The lessons progress rapidly and are taught with easy to follow programming examples that demonstrate the concepts well. Useful topics are discussed, including Active X programming, OLE, ADO, DDE, and database programming with VB. This is an all-around primer to the language that won’t bore you.

Buy Visual Basic 6 Programming Blue Book: The Most Complete, Hands-On Resource for Writing Programs with Microsoft Visual Basic 6! now for only $ 27.59!

Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X For Dummies

Cocoa programming is not only the favored development environment for Mac OS X, it’s also a primary tool for creating iPhone and iPod Touch software. That makes this a great time to learn Cocoa, and Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X For Dummies is the ideal place to start! This book gives you a solid foundation in Cocoa and the unusual syntax of Objective-C. You’ll learn what’s new in Cocoa frameworks and create an application step by step. For example, you can: See how Xcode underlies your applications as the main component of Apple’s IDE Examine the basics of the Objective-C language, the elements of a Cocoa interface, and object-oriented programming Use Xcode and Interface Builder Spruce up your apps with audio, video, Internet features, stylized text, and more Create applications with the stunning graphics for which Macs are famous See how to build apps with multiple documents and even executables that aren’t traditional Mac apps Use all the exciting new Cocoa features Work with Cocoa numbers, arrays, Booleans, and dates Build document-based applications Simplify with key-value coding

  • ISBN13: 9780470432891
  • Condition: USED – VERY GOOD
  • Notes:

Rating: (out of 8 reviews)

List Price: $ 34.99
Price: $ 17.84

Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X For Dummies Reviews

Review by Ralph S. Miller:

My copy came yesterday. This is a cursory review. I expect to modify it as the book is used more. I am a retired engineer and have written programs for myself occasionally for many years, but do not consider myself a computer programmer. A half dozen are C programs, some extensive, that ran CNC machinery. They are entirely text. My goal is to convert them to graphics for Mac OS X computers.

In the last few years, I purchased four Xcode and Cocoa Programming books that you see on lists nearby. All are books of high quality with vast amounts of information. They were difficult for me to work into very far. All take the approach of telling me everything about each area when I did not want to know that much that soon.

This book takes a different approach. Chapter 2 builds a clear, simple and complete application as an example. When I complete it, I will understand all the steps to make a Cocoa program. Then I will be ready to absorb each chapter as it explains the details of the various parts. It will prepare me to examine each of those other related books. This important difference makes this book the one to use first. It is easy reading with clear explanations.

This is why I say it is “The One I Have Been Looking For.”

BTW, I took it to a friend who has a professional paper cutter. He sheared an eighth of an inch off the back. Then the copy center at Office Depot spiral bound the book into two volumes, split between Part II and Part III. Each is easy to carry, open to read or lie flat for reference while computing. Think Office Depots have paper cutters, too. Best, RSM

Modified Review (11-3-2009): I reduce my opinion of the book from 5 stars to 3 stars. The book is organized well, but needs a few edits to make it clearer, smoother and easier to use. For example, on Page 31 there needs to be an instruction to “Save” at mid-page after several text entries in the example. If it is not saved, the example will not work when you get toward the end. Very annoying. There may be other spots like this that would be helpful with some polish. It could be a great book, but the author seems to be so familiar with the work that he skips steps without realizing it that less experienced programmers will need. A beginner’s book, which this is, should have every step completely defined. Otherwise, why have the book?

Also, there needs to be an online Errata with corrections and advice to help those trying to work through the examples. Books that lead to blockages in examples stop the learning flow and cease to be of value at that point. RSM

Buy Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X For Dummies now for only $ 17.84!

Programming ASP.NET AJAX: Build rich, Web 2.0-style UI with ASP.NET AJAX

Delivering rich, Web 2.0-style experiences has never been easier. This book gives you a complete hands-on introduction to Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX 1.0, the new framework that offers many of the same benefits for Ajax development that ASP.NET provides for server-side development. With Programming ASP.NET AJAX, you’ll learn how to create professional, dynamic web pages with Ajax in no time.

Loaded with code and examples that demonstrate key aspects of the framework, this book is ideal not only for ASP.NET developers who want to take their applications a step further with Ajax, but for any web developers interested in ASP.NET AJAX, no matter what technology they use currently. That includes JavaScript programmers who would like to avoid the headaches of writing cross-browser code.

Programming ASP.NET AJAX offers you: A high-level overview of the ASP.NET AJAX framework Functional code that you can cut and paste for use in your own applications The essentials of JavaScript and Ajax to help you understand individual technologies used by the framework An organization that reflects the framework’s packages, including Extensions, Control Toolkit, the Futures CTP, and the AJAX Library Sidebars throughout the book that identify and propose solutions to potential security breaches Ways to use the standards-based AJAX Library with other platforms, such as PHP A complete chapter on the UpdatePanel control for making individual parts of a web page independently updateable — one of the framework’s most important elements Released previously as Programming Atlas to cover the beta version of the

  • ISBN13: 9780596514242
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Rating: (out of 5 reviews)

List Price: $ 39.99
Price: $ 15.20

Programming ASP.NET AJAX: Build rich, Web 2.0-style UI with ASP.NET AJAX Reviews

Review by Geoffery Emery:

A great read.

A must read for AJAX developers!

ASP.NET AJAX is a free framework for quickly creating efficient and interactive Web applications that work across all popular browsers.

This book will teach you:

1) Create next-generation interfaces with reusable AJAX components.

Enhance existing pages using powerful AJAX controls with support for all modern browsers.

2) Access remote services and data from the browser without tons of complicated script.

3) Take advantage of the improved efficiency and ease of use in Visual Studio 2008, with its built-in support for ASP.NET AJAX, improved JavaScript support, and a new Web page designer interface.

It starts you off with a intro into AJAX library and moves into a light introduction with JavaScript. Then moves into the core of the AJAX functionality with using several examples of xmlhttprequest object and transferring data using both JSON and xml.

It then leads you to the next logical step of the calling web services and makes great use of the inherit members and profiling functionality ALL THROUGH JAVA SCRIPT. Amazing really no more calls backs to the server to find out if they are a member.

It then leads you into the Next big step of the AJAX functionality which is the control toolkit. This is a absolutely free web controls that just work and christen does a great job at showing you how to do this in easy steps.

It wraps with showing the the futures section that is iffy at best. It uses an xml based approach to forming JavaScript and although very cool I don’t believe will reach the production release.

Overall this book rocks and should be read by all interface designers

Buy Programming ASP.NET AJAX: Build rich, Web 2.0-style UI with ASP.NET AJAX now for only $ 15.20!

Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book (Special Edition)

No one has done more to conquer the performance limitations of the PC than Michael Abrash, a software engineer for Microsoft. His complete works are contained in this massive volume, including everything he has written about performance coding and real-time graphics. The CD-ROM contains the entire text in Adobe Acrobat 3.0 format, allowing fast searches for specific facts.Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book is a collection of the author’s previous books on assembly language and graphics programming, as well as past columns for Dr. Dobb’s magazine. Though much of the book (such as 8088/286/386 assembly language optimization and VGA graphics programming) is out-of-date by now, the reader can see some of the larger tendencies in the author’s work over the years–a reliance on profiling in order to test code, and creative thinking to improve performance wherever possible. This text features assembler optimization for a variety of problems including searching algorithms, and records the author’s approaches to optimizing code for the evolving line of Intel CPUs, from the 8088 on to the early Pentium lines. The last few chapters of this book are more relevant, and include a series of explorations of some of the technology behind the popular Doom and Quake 3-D games by id Corporation (where the author worked). Optimized solutions to 3-D graphics problems from texture mapping, hidden surface removal, and Binary Space Partitioning (BSP) trees are explained. Current gaming and

Rating: (out of 33 reviews)

List Price: $ 59.99
Price: $ 59.99

Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book (Special Edition) Reviews

Review by Michael Spertus:

I don’t do any graphics programming and much of the advice in this book is obsolete. Still, writing high-performance assembler and C code is essential to my job, and I can’t begin to imagine how to become an expert on performance programming without reading the first portion of this book. Abrash teaches you how to think like a performance programmer in a way that no one else does. Even the best (and much more current) books on performance programming like Rick Booth’s excellent “Inner Loops” can’t approach Abrash’ skill at imparting the mindset of how one approaches code optimization. No wonder Abrash’ earlier books (which are bundled into this one) have names beginning “The Zen of…” Michael Abrash preaches a discipline of constant awareness of the bus, the cache, and the pipeline in a clear and useful fashion. And of course, Test, test, test! Even if you are not a graphics programmer, you will have much to learn about writing tight code and good algorithms from the graphics examples.Even though the book contains over 1000 pages, the real jewel may be the CD-ROM, which contains the complete text of the long out-of-print classic “Zen of Assembler”. It is hard to express how influential a book on 8088(!) programming can be. That book begins by deconstructing a published article on speeding up a program by repeatedly applying optimizations that reduce the cycle count, eventually the cycle count was halved. Despite this, the “optimized” program ran slower than the original, and Abrash clearly explains why. The chapter on Terje Matheson’s wc program tought me more about assembler than any program I have ever looked at. (You can test your skill by rewriting wc to run well on the Pentium II and above. The Pentium code in the book runs into a devastating partial register stall on the newer processors. Then compare your solution to Matheson’s latest, which can be found on the internet).The bottom line is that if you are looking for a cookbook, stay away from this. The shelf-life of performance code samples is too short. On the other hand, if you are interested in really becoming a master of performance programming and are willing to work hard, this book will improve your skills more than you believed possible.

Buy Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book (Special Edition) now for only $ 59.99!

Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner, 3rd Edition

If you are new to programming with Python and are looking for a solid introduction, this is the book for you. Developed by computer science instructors, books in the “for the absolute beginner” series teach the principles of programming through simple game creation. You will acquire the skills that you need for practical Python programming applications and will learn how these skills can be put to use in real-world scenarios. Throughout the chapters, you will find code samples that illustrate concepts presented. At the end of each chapter, you will find a complete game that demonstrates the key ideas in the chapter, a summary of the chapter, and a set of challenges that tests your newfound knowledge. By the time you finish this book, you’ll be well versed in Python and be able to apply the basic programming principles you’ve learned to the next programming language you tackle.

Rating: (out of 50 reviews)

List Price: $ 34.99
Price: $ 19.99

Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner, 3rd Edition Reviews

Review by :

Have you wanted to try writing computer programs, but didn’t know how to begin? Or maybe those huge, menacing looking tomes in the computer section of your local B&N store frightened the bejeezes out of you? Well, you may wish to take a serious look at the Python programming language. It is extremely easy to get started and there has been a huge community of on-line fans using it and helping each other … Python is a great language to teach to school kids. It is also used by NASA, HP, Google and serious programmers all over the world.This book is for the real beginner. If you know anything at all about python don’t buy this book (consider LEARNING PYTHON, by Lutz and Asher). If you know something about programming, but nothing about python then don’t buy this book (consider PYTHON CORE PROGRAMMING by Wesley Chun). If you are a Pythonista already, then stop reading. For all the rest of you I recommend PYTHON PROGRAMMING by Dawson. It will provide the most gentle introduction to programming in general, and python specifically, that you will find anywhere. Dawson is an excellent writer. This book is NOT the typical massive “programmer’s bible,” but rather, a slim primer – the basics. Dawson will take you by the hand and lead you down the garden path. Work through the easy exercises and play with the programs on the CD. At the end of the path you should be pleasantly surprised at how easily you learned the rudiments of a powerful computer language. You’ll have all the knowledge needed to move on to Wesley Chun’s enormous tutorial or the slim, but dense LEARNING PYTHON.The book’s cover says “for the absolute beginner” and I can’t emphasize enough that this book is really for the programmer neophyte. I’d recommend it to any of my computer phobic friends. There is very little jargon; the reading level would be appropriate for junior high school students. I think Michael Dawson hit upon a real gem of a pedagogical idea: each major concept is introduced through writing a computer game. They are simple in concept and even simpler when written in python. He ends the book with an arcade shootem-up complete with animated graphics, sound effects, and music! The reader should by that point, feel comfortable modifying and adding to it. The book is nicely laid out and appears to have very few typos.

Buy Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner, 3rd Edition now for only $ 19.99!

Oracle 10g Developer: PL/SQL Programming

Learn how to use the PL/SQL programming language effectively, using one of the most popular and widely-used software programs in large companies today. Oracle 10g Developer: PL/SQL Programming uses Oracle 10g to provide an overview of the PL/SQL programming language, beginning with fundamental PL/SQL concepts and progressing to the writing and testing of PL/SQL code. The book then progresses to more advanced topics, such as Dynamic SQL and code tuning. Updated to the latest release, Oracle 10g, it uses the developer’s perspective to focus on the PL/SQL component of the software. With real-world examples and a straightforward writing style, this is a valuable resource for anyone preparing for the new Oracle Certification exam, or simply looking to master the PL/SQL programming language with Oracle.

Rating: (out of 1 reviews)

List Price: $ 97.95
Price: $ 65.00

Oracle 10g Developer: PL/SQL Programming Reviews

Buy Oracle 10g Developer: PL/SQL Programming now for only $ 65.00!

C++ Primer Plus: Teach Yourself Object-Oriented Programming/Book and Disk

This book meets the needs of people who have not already mastered C or do not have extensive computing backgrounds. Suitable for classroom use or self-directed study, Prata teaches from the ground up with lessons that work with any of the new C++ compilers.

Rating: (out of 15 reviews)

List Price: $ 39.99

C++ Primer Plus: Teach Yourself Object-Oriented Programming/Book and Disk Reviews

Review by :

Half of book covers the basic topics in other languages like data type, loop control … in c++ concept. The other half devotes to pure c++ concept like class, polymorphism, inheritance, instantiate the object, dynamic and static binding, virtual function, friend, template… It doesn’t mention STL. In my opinion, this is the only one you need to learn c++. For advance knowledge, you may need a STL book and any book in deep discussion like the book from Stroup Bjan or Scott Myers. This book covers pretty much in detail all the topics, along the pitfalls problem like deep copy, static variable, header file… It also includes many userful, short examples with the hidden errors. I am glad that this is my first book in c++. The problem is you can not read it very fast because there are many complex discusions, the trade off is it maybe the only one to start c++.

Buy C++ Primer Plus: Teach Yourself Object-Oriented Programming/Book and Disk now for only !

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